10 Question Interview: Welcoming Mark Berry, Video Producer to Gray Digital Group


A few months ago, we hired Mark Berry to join Gray Digital Group’s video production and content development team. I have known Mark for about two years and finally had the opportunity to leverage his whole skill set by bringing him to Gray. The best way to welcome someone is to ask him a few questions…so here ya go, welcome to Mark Berry!

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Too Much Funnel…Need More Credibility – Tell Your Story


I have been thinking a lot lately about the business behind content and how it has become more important everyday to truly tell our story. We are finding more and more every day, content is your communications’ most equitable position; the more you tell, the more you share, the more you have in the content cue, the larger the brand bucket for your organization.

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Telling the whole truth…the complete narrative, not just what sounds pretty.


Sometimes capturing moments does not necessarily mean we disregard other perspectives. Do you ask your self…which images do you choose to share and which images do you choose to disregard? Do you save the disregarded images to revisit at a later time? Do you spend time reviewing the images that were not made public? Are the images you share those that paint a perception of your reality that necessarily disregard an untold truth, bringing a larger texture to broader narrative?

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Investing in a healthier, skilled workforce?


As many of you know…I am drawn to the story of the un-insured here in South Carolina. Each person I meet, each interview I sit through, each image I capture…I am reminded where I was a few years ago.

There is a massive, polarizing conversation right now surrounding health care, access to care, and american rights vs/ patient rights. The one area that has me most sympathetic are those who are struggling each day to pay the rent, pay to put clothes on their children’s backs, work, and have access to quality health care.

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