#BeADad – It is tough, it is a struggle; learning to be a dad.


Being a dad is tough…really tough. I have been in the middle of a wonderful campaign interviewing, capturing images of great dads and I am humbled. Each dad I capture…each man I interview…each image showcasing a dad and their children…I am reminded of my struggles.

I am at that age when many of my friends are starting to get divorced and it not only breaks my heart but it makes me even more disillusioned about my ability to break the cycle.

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My First Film Images: Eastman Kodak Brownie Target Six 20 Camera

#BoomYah – Just received some 620 #Film ASA 50 from @thedarkroomlab for my #Brownie #Target620

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I finally did it…I refurbished this Eastman Kodak Brownie Target Six 20 camera that has been sitting on my shelf since my 40th birthday. Sarah had one heck of a 40th Birthday Party for me which included purchasing old cameras for each of the tables. This is one the cameras she found, so I thought I would start trying to use it.

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Strategy: Owned Media Before Earned & Paid #OwnedMediaRocks


Once again I sit through another meeting where a public relations professional’s performance is based on the number of print articles earned in the local newspaper. This has driven me to finally write this post.

Owned media can be a huge influencer for earned and paid. Let’s be honest, earned media is about relationships. Organizations can have the best stories, provide the best value for the community, and have the most topical items to influence media outlet’s bottom line…but without relationships this means nothing. ZILCH! That’s why you see organizations hire PR firms, mainly for their relationships leveraging their sphere of influence.

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