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We help our clients craft podcast content to tell their brand’s story. We work with you to either select the the right equipment or help you record your podcast on site. We also provide the training and guidance to make sure you sound amazing. Our goal is to create engaging content and help you grow your audience.

We have a talented, in-house team to help you capture, edit, polish, and publish your podcast!

  • Getting Started & Pre-production
  • Coaching to discuss your show format and technical needs
  • Equipment recommendations and setup assistance
  • Professionally voiced beginning, middle, and end with music
  • Help setting up your hosting service, website, and distribution

Here are two podcast we host and produce for the Touch Point Media. We hope you enjoy!

Intersection Podcast:
Hosted by Bobby Rettew

Intersection is a podcast that explores the many intersections with the craft of storytelling. From healthcare, public policy, social issues, or even the art of storytelling; Bobby Rettew has spent his career interviewing some of the most interesting people. Now he brings the intersections of storytelling and the narratives that emerge from inside these stories.

Gear In Review Podcast:
Hosted by Bobby Rettew and Mark Berry

Gear in Review is a podcast that explores the many gadgets, gizmos, and widgets used everyday to capture and tell stories inside hospitals. We are constantly asked what camera do you use, what microphone records the best podcast, and even which drone is best for our hospital. We discuss the many gadgets in our tool bag that can help us capture and tell great stories.

We are the production provider for Touch Point Media, podcasts dedicated to discussions on all things healthcare. Touch Point Media supports a portfolio of podcasts with regional and national advertisers.

We also work with distribution and hosting platforms like Megaphone.fm and Podbeam.

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