Happy 70th to one of the wisest men I know!

Happy 70th to one of the wisest men I know! Thankful for his mentorship, leadership, and thoughtfulness! He taught me how to instead of sharing my thoughts to ask more questions! Questions build bridges, cross boundaries, and establish common space for thoughtful discussion and discernment. Here is to you Stuart Sprague! #HappyBirthday

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Crossing the border from Mexico into Sasabe, Arizona #immigration

Have you ever wondered what freedom looks like…well here is an opportunity to look right inside where many would consider their passage to freedom. In 2006, I rode in this van from Altar, Mexico along a 60 mile dirt road to Sasabe, Mexico. I was able to join a group of individuals traveling from all over Mexico and Central America to Altar, Mexico; the last stop along their journey before they crossed into the United States of America.

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