Too close to home…just slowly getting too close. #nomore

I am worried, I am numb, and I am starting to worry more each day…there is a possibility it could happen here in Anderson. This is one of the most unpleasant, unsettling, and helpless feelings I have had in a long time.

Each day I drop off Rosebud at Calhoun Academy for the Arts, I drop her off with a feeling of empowerment, excitement, and joy knowing that she is being cared for, educated, loved, and empowered. Each day, my worry grows and that worry is slowly creeping into, intersecting those feelings of comfort; creeping into the knowing she is getting a quality education in a safe space. I want them to go away!

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Church…are you a “member”, what a passé word! #rettew5 #twinslife

Have you ever wondered…what does it mean to be a member of a church. This is a common assumption, question, and phrase here in the southern part of the United States. This is usually the first question when you meet someone here in Anderson, SC; it is a part of the introduction pleasantries.

How are you?
My name is …
Nice to meet you …
What church do you go to?
Ok…we are members of this church.

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Coming up for air! #twinslife

I sit here this morning so scared to type what I am about to type. I am so superstitious…I worry these little moments of celebration are followed by more sheer madness

We are finding a rhythm and slowly finding sync in the twins life. For those that do know my family, we have a huge village of helpers…people that just have jumped in and given of their time, energy, efforts, resources…everything to help us learn how to take care of the twins. Once a week, my mom and nana come to our house, let us go to bed and sleep all night while they take care of the twins. In our world, we look forward to that night…it is like gold to us. Sleep is gold to us.

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