The spirit of CDEP is lost in South Carolina Schools – Being Rejected From Public School


It was earlier this year that we were approached by Rose’s principle at South Fant that she may no longer be eligible to attend South Fant. I never thought I see the day when this would happen, the day we began a fight to keep Rose in public school…for all the right reasons.

We started a massive letter writing campaign, one that has no resolution. I am at a cross roads. Does it make sense to write about this publicly? Is this form of public awareness shine a direct spotlight onto a narrative that can be construed as “white privilege”? I don’t know the answers and no one is willing to admit that a wonderful program might need some adjusting.

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When will it be time for a female President?

I have often wondered! When President Obama won the elections in 2008 and 2012, did those elections paved the way for America to accept a female President in 2016, specifically Hillary Clinton? Or is my white, male privilege lens skewed to far out-of-whack to entertain this conversation…this thought process?

I have a daughter and I firmly believe she is growing up in a time when the notion of a female president is going to move far beyond the mainstream, a time in American history that will pave the way for that commonplace. During the 2010 campaign, there was a poster released from the Obama for America camp that read this:

“We must carry forward the work of the women who came before us, ensure our daughters have no limits on their dreams, no obstacles to their achievements, and not remaining ceilings to shatter.”

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Digital Impact from #SCPrimary – Google Trends as Key Indicator of Outcomes


There are three areas that I am watching during this Presidential election process that I think is worth watching:

Google Trends
Facebook Signal

These three areas have lots of fascinating real time data that has proven to showcase lots of predictive data, wrapped together within interesting visualizations. Data is sometimes hard to dissect and contextualize, but each of these three outlets do a wonderful job of pulling information together in some contextual meaning.

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