Sometimes it is hard to find the relatively in our happiness, in our hunger. #clemsonmoments

It was just last night and I was overhearing a conversation, someone sharing how hungry they were while watching a ballgame. As I sat and listened to the conversation, I began to become overwhelmed with annoyance. I was trying to figure out what bothered me about this person’s diatribe.

Then it hit me…I was thinking about Tito and his friends.

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This is one of the most wonderful #ClemsonMoments I witnessed while in Haiti!

This is one of the most wonderful #ClemsonMoments I witnessed while traveling with Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries to the little village of Cange in Haiti. Engineering student Ashley Martin was walking down to one of the flat areas in Cange to see what the rest of the group was doing. That is when many of the village children ran up to her and grabbed her hand to walk down. The whole trip, all the children gravitated to Ashley as they used laugher and smiles to replace the language barrier. There are so many moments that have happened in my travels to make me proud of my Clemson degrees, these moments reinforce the broader reach of the Clemson spirit!

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