This freaking sucks: fighting for in-network insurance coverage!

It sucks so bad…it will suck the life our of you. I have found myself in a new area of frustrations, one that is hard not trickle down into my family’s life. I knew it was coming, from the moment I signed that first paper…it kept popping back up and now it is becoming a reality.

I am so scared. I am so petrified. I fear for my family’s wellbeing. I am just scared. 

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7 weeks is the new 40 weeks! #twinslife #preemies

Here we are, the twins are now full term. Yes, today is the day of their 40th week in gestational development. If this were Rosebud, we would have just come home two days prior after being born. The twins are now seven weeks and two days old but more importantly now full term babies. Reminder…28 days in the NICU was a long time for the #Rettew5.

What does this mean, now we can join the development cycle of the full term baby world…at seven weeks old!

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Learning to raise a 5 year-old with twins in the #NICU.

Each time I see this picture…it breaks my heart.

It is late in the evening on June 13th, Sarah had just been released from the hospital. George and Henry had just been born four days earlier on June 10th. They were still in the hospital in the Level One NICU at GHS. Rosebud had been spending the night at her cousins for the past few days and life was just completely out-of-whack.

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