Digital Communications Leader

Nan Johnston

Director / Clemson’s Center for Corporate Learning

Bobby has proven to be a valued asset in teaching for the Clemson MiniMBA and the Digital Health MiniMBA continuing education certificates. Professionals working to keep their effectiveness and relevance at the highest level turn to us to help them understand storytelling in the digital age. Bobby's experience and talent make his seminars most relevant to what our consumers want.

Laura Capell

Director of Development / Anderson Interfaith Ministries

Bobby's assistance was invaluable as our organization prepared for it's 25th Anniversary Celebration. He was able to help us paint a clear picture for how we needed to share the stories of AIM. He was our creative catalyst, our technological instructor and our taskmaster! Not only were the videos exceptionally well done, but he gave us a platform on which to create a culture of capturing the stories.

Shelley Young

Associate web producer / "The Doctors" at CBS Television Distribution

Bobby has the creative vision and technical skills to take even a not-so-well developed idea and not-so-dynamic content and create the right message for the right audience. In addition, he's always willing to brainstorm, in many cases guiding you to a better solution. He understands the power of storytelling and is truly passionate about his work.He's been at work at 5 a.m. with a smile and answered the phone on weekend afternoons. He always exceeds expectations.

Olivier Blanchard

Senior Partner / KGB GLOBAL

Bobby is by far the most talented videographer I've ever had the pleasure to work with.In addition to his skills behind the camera, his astounding strategic acumen, flawless professionalism and razor sharp instincts have made Bobby one of my favorite people to work with on a project. Bobby is one of those brilliant, generous, visionary individuals who can transform the most banal project idea into a remarkable piece of work.

Stuart Watson

Documentary Storyteller and former Investigative Journalist

As far as I'm concerned Bobby Rettew is a prince among men. The man has heart, vision, intellect, and is imminently capable. Let's put it this way: if I were in a foxhole, I'd want Rettew beside me

Mark Boone

VP, Communications Manager / Bank of America

Bobby is one of the most insightful and creative individuals I have met in my communications career. He has a passion for storytelling and the vision to craft a compelling message.

Sally Foister, MS

Director, Marketing Services / Greenville Health System

Bobby is creative, pushes the limit, stays up to date with new technology and it's uses. He also is very easy to work with; he works with you to reach your goals. Bobby is very accessible, too. My entire team enjoys working with him.

Jessica Moss

Business Development Strategist / Veeo (formerly Induct Technology)

Bobby has a gift for telling stories. His relaxed, approachable personality make people feel comfortable and willing to share in front of a camera. He captures the essence of the idea and puts it together in a compelling way to create a story from a concept.

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